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Be Careful with what you say to your self

Limiting Beliefs in Bristol

I’m not good enough I am not important

I am permanently damaged

I deserve to die

I am worthless

I don’t deserve love

I am a bad person

Do these statements sound familiar? Let me shed some light on what they do to you.

These words inflict pain, causing hurt and leaving open wounds in your body. It's like a million tiny cuts that pierce your skin, your worth, and your being. Most of these words were either communicated to you, or you've assumed they were true because it seemed like a "logical" justification. Let me tell you now, these aren't true.

Saying, hearing, or thinking these words is like a dagger slowly extinguishing your light and dimming your personality. It robs you of your natural bubbliness and dismantles both yourself and your relationships. Staring into the mirror seems dark and gloomy, making you wonder and question your existence.

The truth is, these thoughts and feelings were created to protect you and adapt to the people and environments around you. However, they inadvertently led to shame and further pain. Now, it's time to change that and learn how to proudly say, "I am fucking great."

Learn to change that

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