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What does childhood trauma includes

Would you believe falling from a bicycle is traumatic?

Do you consider falling from a bike to be traumatic? Such an incident can result in both physical and emotional injury. It may lead to a fear of falling and can affect one's confidence and willingness to take risks. However, some may find this perspective unreasonable.

Childhood traumas come in different forms:

Physical abuse in the form hit by a parent, a significant care giver and/ or siblings.

Emotional Abuse: Constant criticism, belittling, or verbal attacks from caregivers can deeply wound a child emotionally.

Sexual Abuse: Any form of unwanted sexual contact or exploitation, whether by a family member, caregiver, or stranger, can leave lasting scars.

Neglect: Failure to provide for a child's basic needs, such as food, shelter, clothing, or emotional support, can be traumatic.

Parental Separation or Divorce: The breakup of a family unit can be distressing for children, especially if it involves conflict or abandonment.

Witnessing Domestic Violence: Being exposed to violence between caregivers or family members can be profoundly traumatic for a child.

Bullying: Persistent bullying at school or in the community can lead to feelings of helplessness, isolation, and low self-worth.

Loss of a Loved One: The death or prolonged absence of a parent, sibling, or other significant figure can be deeply distressing for a child.

Chronic Illness or Disability: Coping with a chronic illness or disability, either in oneself or in a loved one, can be overwhelming for a child.

Every individual's experience of trauma is unique, and the impact can vary widely from person to person. At ivomarquestherapy, Clifton, Bristol, I'll be able to support you process yout experiences, offering empathy, validation, and guidance along your healing journey.

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