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"Intimidated ones of the world, look in:You have nothing to lose but your shame!"

Shame is a scary sensation,find out more at in Clifton, Bristol

Shame is a primal emotion. It has a physiological characteristic. It differs from guilt, where people can share and talk openly about their guilt.


Guilt has a as unauthentic feeling that replaces one feeling from another. I.e. anger for sadness. Often guilt protects resentment. I view guilt a surface feeling, we feel bad about something we potentially could do better.


Shame has physiological and psychological attributes. You experience physical sensations like sweating, your heart rate elevates, your breathing changes and it impacts your ability to talk.

People tend to find ways to protect their shame. It is deep and develop from a young age. Fanita English states that shame can be developed from the of one or two.

Shame is triggered accordingly to your childhood experiences, and how much shame one endured from their family and social culture. We develop layers and layers of protection to an internal fear.

Shame develops from a need to safeguard parts of us that seem too risky to display. It is a survival mechanism; it keeps our secret safe.

The experience shame feels like we’re exhibiting a personal trait/or difficulty and having a million people pointing a finger, judging us. Shame operates as a method of parental control, whereby parents and authoritative figures shape our behavior based on their perception of what is deemed healthy or acceptable.

The greater the shame we endure from these figures, the more adaptable we become and the less capable we are of setting boundaries.

Look at your shame safely @ivomarquestherapy

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