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Separating from your partner

Loss of your love

Avoidance of Separation, Loss, and Sadness: Many individuals go to great lengths to evade feelings of sadness.

As an individual, I've found myself going to great lengths to avoid feelings of sadness, especially following the end of a relationship. It's like opening Pandora's box - a floodgate of emotions emerges, leaving me feeling angry not only with my partner but also with myself.

There's a sense of resentment towards the parts of them and me that contributed to the pain.

Deciding to move forward, to separate, and possibly never seeing the person I cherish most again is an incredibly daunting choice. It's a journey fraught with pain, moments that crush my soul, and an overwhelming sense of isolation.

This decision, whether it's something I perceive or it's a tangible reality, impacts both of us in our monogamous or polyamorous relationship. It's not just about crafting a new life story; it's about navigating the tangled web of emotions tied to the other person.

Emotionally, the separation is layered with sadness. There's an ache, a gnawing apprehension of solitude. Loneliness becomes a heavy burden, and I find myself yearning for the presence, warmth, and affection of my partner.

Memories of our shared experiences flood my mind - the holiday celebrations, the laughter we shared, and even the challenges we faced together. There are reminders scattered throughout our shared space, like the wine stains on the carpet, each one carrying a poignant memory.

How does one truly know if they've moved on? Is it something that can be measured by the passage of time? Often, it doesn't feel that way. Many of us find ourselves still holding onto feelings of love for our partners years after separation, and some even rediscover that love decades later.

The pressing question that lingers is: What do I do when hope begins to dwindle? How can one discern when it's truly over? When can I tell my heart that the other person no longer loves or desires me? These are the weighty questions that weigh on my mind as you navigate the complexities of separation. Specially when you say "I am missing my partner".

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