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Bring on the anger

We all go through moments of anger; some of us are conditioned to conceal or suppress it as if it were a harmful indulgence. On the other hand, some embrace rage, often mistaken for aggressive anger.

Our fear of anger stems from a lack of understanding. We worry about how our anger might harm our loved ones or those around us. Culturally, anger has been portrayed as disruptive and hazardous, urging us to conform to societal expectations.

Rage, often described as "seeing red," is a distinct emotion from anger, originating from a place of survival. Some argue that rage is believed to be pre-verbal, a response where a vulnerable baby uses rage to attract attention, and care and survive.

Anger is a quick emotion; it is beneficial, aiding in the establishment of boundaries for self-protection. It can be shrugged off after a few minutes, and ensuring it doesn't overwhelm our time and energy.

Tips on utilizing anger:

1 - Anger as Movement, Growth, and Power: Utilize anger as motivation, a driving force that propels you towards achieving goals. Engage with passion, excitement, and joy.

2 - Anger as Boundaries: Recognize that people may test your limits. A firm and prompt refusal is an effective way to maintain boundaries. While saying no can be challenging, it is undoubtedly worthwhile.

3 - Express It: Expressing anger promptly helps release pent-up energy, allowing it to dissipate from your body without consuming you.

Look how you can engage with your anger

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