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Ivo Marques Therapy 

Psychology Session

Are you looking to improve yourself and change your life? Are you seeking to shift the way you perceive yourself and develop healthier relationships with others? Do you want to boost your confidence, believe in yourself, and invest in things that benefit you? Are you often preoccupied with what other people think or say about you? Do you tend to overthink your responses during conversations? Do you exert significant effort to please others or feel compelled to attain perfection? Do you ever experience feelings of not belonging or believing you shouldn't exist? Are you facing challenging relationships with partners, friends, or parents?

How do I usually support people?

In the begging we'll look at things that you find challenging. You'll be encourage to share your difficulties. I would like to know what impacts your life and issues that developed with time and give you space to share it.

I offer weekly sessions. Regular sessions provide a structured and consistent therapeutic process, which can lead to more effective results. More frequent sessions provide ample time to explore underlying issues, patterns, unconscious processes and behaviors in greater depth



"I will assist you in examining your unhealthy or toxic relationships, addressing traumatic experiences, delving into childhood issues, working on low self-esteem, managing anxiety, overcoming loneliness, and addressing suicidal thoughts. Through confronting these issues, you'll gain the ability to see them from a different perspective and find a way to have a joyful and meaningful life.


Here is where you can integrate new adaptations and ways of being. We you are able to account for different parts of yourself and feel calm, relaxed and joyful. You can have life difficulties and anxieties in life but they'll be usual, like every single day.

Our Services

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